Thermal analysis

Parr Instrument Company is a privately held corporation located at 211-53rd Street, Moline, Illinois, engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of laboratory instruments and apparatus for testing fuels and for conducting chemical reactions and tests under heat and pressure.

varna m Isoperbol calorimeters

varna m Chemical reactors and pressure vessels

In its basic philosophy, the Hitachi High-Tech Group states that, " Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation aims to be a successful enterprise trusted by all our stakeholders and contributing to social progress through business activities that emphasize value creation through high-tech solutions." Each and every employee etches this basic philosophy into his or her conscious. Also, recognizing that the Hitachi High-Tech Group’s existence is nurtured within its relationship with society, we will contribute to the resolution of issues faced by society, as a CSR corporation that is trusted by society, and will strive to increase our corporate value through dialogues with all stakeholders.

varna m Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)

varna m Simultaneous thermogravimetric analyzers (STA)

varna m Thermomechanical analyzers (TMA)