Mechanical processing

The main importance of their passion lies upon their customers and their products! 2mag is providing more than 30 years of competence in the conception, development, production and sales of magnetic and inductive drive concepts, as e.g. magnetic stirrers. This experience paired with a great passion and emotion for their customers – and their products – enables the fast and economic creation of solutions precisely for user needs.

varna m Magnetic stirrers

RETSCH is active in the fields of neutral-to-analysis sample preparation and characterization of solids. Since 1990 RETSCH has been part of the continuously growing VERDER technology group and formed the core of the group’s Scientific Division.

varna m Ball mills

varna m Cutting mills

varna m Disc mills

varna m Jaw crushers

varna m Mortar grinders

varna m Pellet press

varna m Rotor mills

varna m Sample dividers

varna m Sieve shakers

Innovation, design and focus on the individual consumer proved to be in demand in the world biotechnological market and during recent years our Personal Laboratory products have become well-known all over the world under different leading brands (e.g. Biometra, Bioneer, Boeco, Fisher Scientific, Grant-bio, Life Technologies, Вектор-Бест, etc.). In Europe, Russia and CIS countries we market under our own brand and we will always be glad if You get interested in our products.

varna m Photometers

varna m Stirrers

varna m Water baths

varna m Washers and aspirators

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