About us


UAB "Nano Vita" was established in 2008. We work in a field that we know about the best - quality, effective, money saving solutions for laboratories. We will provide equipment and measuring devices if needed.

We always are raising our bar as high as possible - we invest in our staff's qualifications, we are always interested in innovations and we work with top quality manufacturers.

Our clients are big and semi-big industry laboratories, universities, government research labs, private laboratories and medical institutions. The reflection of our success are our clients that are known in their field, universities that push the research forward and other laboratories that do the high-tech experiments.

Our vision - to be a trusted adviser, partner.

Our mission - to help laboratories work with innovations, work productively and safely.

Our values:

varna m Interests -  we care after our clients and we do everything to reach their goals.
varna m Responsibility – we take responsibilities both for our achievements and our failures.
varna m Reliability  we believe that trust has to be gained in a long time but can be lost in a few minutes.
varna m Quality – we search for quality in every step we take.
varna m Respect – we respect each of our clients, partners, competitor just as we respect ourselves.